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A professional, passionate and experienced team will accompany you at all times

Trekking Level 1 | Sant Aniol - Into the heart of nature

Replenish your energies by visiting the serene and spectacular Sant Aniol Nature Park. A shaded path alongside the playful mountain creek will lead you into the heart of nature. You will discover beautiful waterfalls and crystal clear rock pools and the ancient Sant Aniol Monastery.

Duration: 10.00h – 16.00h

• Age: 9+

• 6-10 people

•Price: 25€ pp, 11-30 people 20€ pp.

No previous experience required

 Trekking Level 2 | Bassegoda Peak - Spectacular views

Bassegoda is our local mountain and with 1373 meter it towers over all others. A steep 2 1/2 hour hike through the lush mountain forest and bare hillside on the last meters take us to the top. From here we enjoy spectacular views from the Mediterranean Sea to the high Pyrenees.

Duraction: 10.00h - 15.00h

• Age: 12+

• 6-10 people: 25€ pp, • 11-30 people 20€ pp

No previous experience required

Water trekking | IDEAL FOR FAMILIES & KIDS

Immersed in a strikingly beautiful natural environment, you will swim through pools of turquoise water and jump and slide down smooth rocks… Safely guided back you can relax and bath in the sun after a unique experience you will never forget!

Duration: 10.00h – 15.00h

• Age: 6+

• Group:  6-10 people 35€ p.p., groups of 11-30 people: 30€ pp

No previous experience required

Adventure Trail | IDEAL FOR FAMILIES

This beautiful day-trip is a fun and gentle introduction to rock climbing. Our experienced guides will safeguard your journey up colourful limestone cliffs and through ancient archways and caves. Once at the top you can relax and absorb the stunning mountain scenery and wonderful sense of achievement. A abseil brings us back to the ground and a swim in the chrystal clear pools of the Sant Aniol mountain creek will round off this rich adventure experience.

Duration: 10.00h – 16.00h

• Age: 9+

Groups:  5-12 people

Price:  50€* pers; Groups of 12-30 people: 40€* pers

No previous experience required


Equipped with wetsuit, helmet and harness you will take on abseils down impressive waterfalls, jump into natural pools of crystal clear water and slide down perfectly polished rocks; totally immersed into an awe-inspiring and ‘otherworldly’ landscape. Canyoning is an experience that will reawaken and revitalize your senses!

Duration: 08.00h - 18.00h

Groups between 5 - 10 people

Price: 70€ pp

For athletes with good physical shape

Climbing points in Sadernes